Dr. Hanni Cowley, DPT, SCS graduated from UW-L in 2004 with her Masters in PT. She completed Gundersen Lutheran Sports Residency program in the summer of 2006 and became a Sports Certified Specialist. Hanni continued to work at Gundersen Lutheran Sports Medicine from 2006-2010. Her job was a combination of clinical practice, research in the area of lower extremity biomechanics, and an adjunct faculty in orthopedic and research classes at UW-La Crosse. In 2007 she received her transitional Doctorate from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Hanni has worked at Dunamis Therapy and Fitness since 2010. Her job involves primarily working with patients that have orthopedic injuries, but she also advises community and fitness center members in the areas of health and wellness.  In 2015, Hanni received her certification in Aquatic Therapy.